Top 6 Benefits of Attaching a Camera Matte Box to Your Camera

Film camera shooting is nothing new for you. It’s just transforming much faster and in more ways. But one principle remains forever: the clearer, the better. And today, we want to shoot things right, right away, with powerful accessories instead of manually adjusting the camera's parameters. To ease your photograph process, you’ve got this – a camera matte box to make sure your photo session is perfect in every way.

If you are an amateur photographer who doesn’t know the role of the matte box, let us explain to you how the matte box   can give you exceptionally professional results.

So What is a Camera Matte Box that Makes Things Remarkable?

The camera matte box is a snap-and-go accessory that comes with three purposes: holding filters, blocking unwanted light, and looking impressive! It is attached at the end of the lens and designed with a “drop-in” filter notch, French flag, or moveable flaps to reduce lens flare and produce consistency within the images.

Most video shooters are using a camera matte box – or planning to do so shortly, and this convenient tool makes it easy to transform your work into a masterpiece. But the question comes: how does a matte box work to maximize your creation?

How Does a Matte Box Work?

A fully-fledged camera matte box is a comprehensive solution for removing multiple obstacles on your way to take impressive photos. The working principles behind a matte box include:

1. To block the unwanted light. Its basic function is to cut down the light coming in from various angles by adjusting its French flag, avoiding lens flare or haziness. You can soften the light or create special effects for your photoshoot by the camera matte box.

2. To hold filters. The drop-in filter is an added benefit of a matte box, which allows your instant insert of the filters and adjustment of your picture’s tone, supporting you in capturing the scenes while expressing your aesthetics and emotion.

Benefits of Using Matte Box with Cameras

Now that we know what a matte box is and how it works, the next question jumps out: Why should you pay for such a box with slots and a few flaps? Here are the answers:

1. Avoiding Lens Flare

When bright sun rays come into contact with the lens, they cause flare and blur images and videos. A camera matte box blocks the stray lights coming from various angles that obstruct your view of a perfect image.

2. Reducing Image Distortion

When the camera lens experiences lens flare, it destroys the quality of the image. But with a camera matte box covering your lens, you get to enjoy reduced chances of having distorted images.

3. Generating Consistency Across Images

Shooting in outdoor spaces makes it almost impossible to maintain the same presence of bright lights because the sun moves as time flows. Therefore, getting photos with the same brightness becomes part of the jobs of photo editors. But the difficulty has been solved by merely adjusting the flaps to allow the same sunlight to go through the lens.

4. Protecting the Expensive Lens

Camera lenses are expensive and delicate. A slight fall or a push will cause damage to your device, leading to significant expenses. But with a camera matte box protecting your lens and its surrounding parts, your DSLR will remain safe even in case of a fall.

5. Attaching Multiple Filters

Changing filters for every lens while filming a video will cost you time, money, and energy. However, a camera matte box allows you to use different filters of varying sizes without any hassle.

Small Rig's Mini Matte Box 3196 is the Best Choice

To enjoy all the benefits of a matte box, you need a product from a reliable source. Supplied by the trustable brand SmallRig,Mini Matte Box 3196 is your best choice which is purposely designed to support DSLRs and Mirrorless cameras. It comes with a multi-stacking option and is quick to install. Some dominant features of this accessory include the following:

  • Portability and Compact Size:

The camera matte box is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry on long roads and tough journeys.

  • Strong Compatibility:

The adapter rings that come with the matte box 3196 are fully and strongly compatible with filters, including UV, GND, CPL, CND, etc.

  • Easy Assembly and Disassembly:

The adapter rings and filters of the matte box are easy to install and quick to remove. This helps you catch the perfect moment swiftly.

  • 4 Adapter Rings:

It comes with four adapter rings that support all the common shooting modes. The ring sizes include 67mm, 72 mm, 78mm, and 82 mm.

  • 1/4“-20 Threaded Holes for Additional Accessories:

The matte box SmallRig provides has a 1/4“-20 threaded hole at the top, allowing you to attach other accessories easily. Also, the anti-twist 1/4“-20 threaded hole at the bottom is perfect for attaching a rod to the entire setup.

Get a Quality Matte Box for Your Camera

Whether you are an amateur or average joe, there is nothing better to control light than using a DSRL camera matte box. But only when you buy it from the right place can you receive the best outcome.

Everything you need on a camera matte box, SmallRig has it! We at SmallRig have achieved countless praises from directors, photographers, and video makers. Investing in our Mini Matte Box 3196 is a good choice to bring you more flexibility and accuracy when shooting videos. You can capture the best landscapes from your DSLR with our matte box that comes at the best price you can get.