SmallRig 95mm CPL-VND Filter Kit with Rod Clamp 3864

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SmallRig 95mm CPL-VND Filter Kit with Rod Clamp 3864 is a specialized two-in-one CPL-VND filter system. The two CPLs can be either used separately or magnetically combined to become a VND filter of 1-8 stop  stepless and adjustable dimming. The whole filter system can attach SmallRig 95mm Matte Box 3645 and VND Filter Kit 3651 via magnet at the same time to realize the function of VND adjustment when paired with a matte box. Its filters, made of high-quality optical glass, is waterproof, oil-resistant and features multi-layer coating on both sides for high definition and low color cast, thus reducing glare and vignettings. The filter frame adopts a standard M0.8 gear design, which allows for manual stop adjustment, or works with wireless follow focus via the included 15mm rod clamp and carbon fiber rod. The filter diameter is 95mm, support 95mm/82mm/77mm/72mm/67mm lenses through pairing the standard adapter rings.


  1. Lens with a focal length of 16mm or above is recommended.
  2. Not compatible with third-party VND filters.
  3. Pleaseremove other filtersbefore using this filter system.
  4. Across patternshadow may appear at the 8 stop due to parallel rotation of two polarizers.


  • Multifunctional, quick-release, two-in-one CPL-VND filter
  • 1-8 stop step less and adjustable dimming
  • High-quality optical glass with multi-layer coating on two sides for low color cast, water and oil resistance
  • Perfectlymatchesuniversal wireless follow focus, offers wireless-control experience;
  • Highly compatible with lens of various diameters


  • VND Filter Kit 3651
  • SmallRig 95mmMatte Box 3645
  • 15mm LWS Support 3652
  • Adapter Rings Kit (Φ52/55/58/62/86-95mm) 3383


  • 1 x Filter Base                   
  • 2 x CPL Filter
  • 1 x 15mm Rod Clamp
  • 1 x 4” Carbon Fiber Rod
  • 4 x Filter Adapter Ring(82mm / 77mm / 72mm / 67mm)
  • 1 x M3 Allen Wrench


Product Dimensions: 106.0 × 150.3 × 38.5 mm

Package Dimensions: 164.0 × 164.0 × 94.0 mm

Product Weight: 142g±5g

Package Weight: 266g±5g

Material(s): Carbon Fiber, Aluminum Alloy, Float Glass

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